Aneka Sandang Textiles

all your needs for High Quality Textile
Wide Range Color and Trusted Quality


We had been selling all kind of textile since 1982. Our Headquarters located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We have experience in shipping textile all around big cities in Indonesia. We dedicate ourselves to these business with the objective of growing the businesses rapidly.

What We Have

Trusted Fabric Quality with wide range of kinds and colours

What We Sell is High Quality Ready Stock Trusted Product

High Quality

We have our own construction of yarn and custom made quality. That's why our product will be better on comparisons.

Product Availability

All our textile was made in Indonesia. We have high continuity of product and even produce special color on demand.

Trusted Product

We have a long history on selling textile in Indonesia, so our product can gain better positioning in selling their product.

Our Product

There is so much emotion involved in textiles and that's what makes working in this sector so enjoyable.
The love of textile and beautiful fabrics is what thrives and connects our people.

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